Autism Speaks  Your one stop shop for autism info.  Loads of family resources such as the first 100 kit which you can request for free or print yourself.

Generation Rescue   Everything you ever wanted to know about the vaccine debate, gluten/casein free diet and the research behind it and so much more.

Vanderbilt TRIAD Center  Local families -- bookmark this page.  Anything and everything you EVER need for LOCAL autism support.  Get connected with doctors, specialists, therapists, even respite care. Learn about studies that your child might be eligible to participate in for free. 

Temple Grandin  She's been there, done it, and written the book ~ several in fact.  Amazing and awe inspiring.

Southpaw Enterprises  Everything you ever wanted in sensory equipment and toys

Lakeshore Learning  If you've ever wondered where teachers and therapists get their cool educational toys and tools, it's probably here

National Autism Resources  If you need a sensory item, toy, book, or just about anything else, you'll find it here.  This link will take you directly to the Chewelry page which we've discussed at our meetings

My Obstacle Course  Super cool site that shows you how to do different types of therapies AT HOME

Euro Soccer Training  LOCAL one on one soccer training for kids with special needs